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Sami K. Yousif

With over 14 years of hi-tech marketing experience, I develop, design and manage successful integrated brand communication and marketing campaigns, and lead creative and promotional departments. My designs are based on client needs, expectations and their market target with cost cutting measures and an ROI in mind.

Managing creative services, I have created the department and team, managing brand design and development across four or more business units, standardizing the brand of the company for world wide marketing and creating the company branding guide. I have been invaluable in re-energizing creative departments by modifying workflows, equipment and asset management systems.

As a sports marketing manager, I am instrumental in partnering with MLB, NFL, NHL and MLS teams, developing ongoing promotions and sponsorships that have a return on investment in mind.

Combined with promotional management, I have created an online system for companies, internally, enabling business units and their sales force to participate in incentives for clients, and tracking their success.

I am an accomplished photographer and painter. Studying under well-renowned artist such as David Bottini, William Minschew and Charles Gaines to name a few. My fine art has been displayed at various galleries across the nation and is held in private and public collections, including California State University Fresno Permanent Collection. I enjoy traveling throughout the world, love soccer, oh and chocolate ... gotta have it!. My mottos have always been: 1. There is no limit and 2. If it's not fun I don't do it. That being said, I love what I do!