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I strive to bring you unique services, from conceptual designs to implementation. From UI/UX design, branding, brand marketing, creative photography, event services and product photography.


Working for some of the largest companies in the world, I surround myself with a group of Techno Squirrels with over 20 years of creative services experience. What you visualize I create. I am your companies support team, bringing you solutions on time and on budget. On any project, there is always a team.

Throughout my career, I have earned a reputation as a creative and driven leader who consistently produces high-quality results, contributing to increases in workflow, cost control and an expanded client base. Collaborative by nature, I embrace the opportunity to work with internal staff, external professionals and management to drive and support operational improvements. I have perfected the skills consistent with what your organization is seeking including:

• Creative Direction
• From Conceptual Design to Product Implementation
• UI and UX Design
• Creative Suite Software
• Staff Training & Fundamental Development
• IT Collaboration and deployment
• Product Launches
• Creative Expo Services
• Promotional Design
• New Software and Hardware Deployment
• Multiple Concurrent Projects
• Prioritization
• Client Presentations
• Calendar Management
• Project Management
• Budgeting and Expense Reporting
• Vendor & Client Relations
• Business Operations
• Productivity Enhancements
• Contract Administration
• Streamlining & Improvements
• Cost Containment
• Regulatory Compliance

My experience delivering effective creative solutions while building and cultivating strong business relationships are attributes that have been the hallmark of my career. I am also recognized for my willingness to take on new and challenging responsibilities while consistently exceeding expectations.

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Creative Director With over twenty years of creative services, I have successfuly worked for various inductries helping them achieve desired results.
"To design well, having your own style is essential. And you must not forget, the client also has a style they have branded." -Sami Yousif-


Hobbies ... The golden age of wonder. Check out my Facebook page of wonderous Toys of Yesteryear and their history Check Out SkyNite Vintage


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